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Commonly, I am asked in the course of an average day, “Who are you clients? What kind of people are they? And how can you help them?” These well meaning inquiries are usually trying to determine if a Life Coach is like a psychologist or mental health counselor of some type. It started me thinking of a simple way to explain what I do for my clients in a casual conversation. Truth is that I find my most successful clients are endeavoring to live from their heart.Unfortunately, in our secular world today we have become overly sensitized to the subject of God (or whatever you wish to call the force that initiated the world we occupy) and as a result many people are suffering from a certain internal deficiency. That part of us that is unseen, our spiritual side, often goes unchallenged and ignored for fear of offending those around us that may not believe like we do. When this two-dimensional attitude continues for any length of time most people begin feeling a sense of emptiness and asking questions like, “Is that all there is?” Just imagine if we ignored the other two parts of our being, the mental and physical in the same way we do our spiritual! If we never educated ourselves and grew intellectually what would our society become? If we didn’t nourish and exercise our bodies we would sooner than later perish altogether. Yet we continue to believe that life without a sense of spiritual growth is healthy or at least acceptable.You might hear someone say, “I’m just not the religious type” or “I only go to church/temple on holidays”. I am not talking about religion. I am referring to something much more personal, the place in us that is home to all our internal conversations and the place that all inspiration flows to and from. Being authentic has become a rare quality in a human being. The level of cynicism and phoniness that exists in our society is like a virus that is infecting us all.
When we make it our personal intention to live in a world that is filled with tolerance and acceptance, each of us can begin living authentically without fear of ridicule and extradition. God has granted each of us unique and valuable gifts that we are meant to share with each other. The divine plan is all about balance.Balance is the secret to uncovering and discovering the truth of who we really are. Balance is the secret to happiness and all our efforts to excel and achieve health, wealth and happiness. Therefore, it is our most important task to strike a balance between the three aspects of our being and challenging each dimension to grow and evolve into the type of person we choose to be. Until this occurs most of our efforts are incomplete. Living from your essence is the secret to all success.

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